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Gator Hunts in Louisiana

Welcome to Team Voodoo Gator Hunts!

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The Premiere Alligator Hunt Experience

Team Voodoo Adventures is located in the heart of Southern Louisiana; home to the largest population of alligators in North America.


We'll guide you to hunt and trap some of the biggest alligators the South can provide and that's not all...


Our guests will leave with 10 lbs. of processed, prepackaged frozen alligator meat. Hunters will have the opportunity to choose an alligator from their allotted fifteen lines to have additional meat to take home along with a taxidermy add-on to their package. Our guests can also expect to have complimentary cajun cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner during their three day stay. After the main gator hunt our guests have the option to participate in an additional VooDoo Adventure; a crabbing or jug lining guided experience.

Gator Hunts in Louisiana
Gator Hunts in Louisiana

Meet the Host

Meet Jude Mequet,


Jude's the founder of Team Voodoo Adventure's Gator Hunts.  Jude and his team will bring hunters together to harvest a pile of gators and get a few trophies along the way. Team Voodoo Adventure's top priority is the safety and enjoyment of every guest who ventures into the marshlands with them. With almost 20 years of experience, Team Voodoo Adventure's extensive knowledge of gator behavior and marsh survival ensures that each expedition is conducted responsibly. TVA puts the well-being of their clients above all else. Our team's enthusiasm and warm personalities create a welcoming atmosphere, turning every hunt into an unforgettable and thrilling adventure. TVA Hunts not only provide an exhilarating experience but also fosters a genuine appreciation for the beauty and magic of the wetlands.

Gator Hunts in Louisiana


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